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marigold kitchen

Bride of the Juggler | | Dec 6, 2012 11:34 AM

How could we have forgotten how great Marigold Kitchen is? We were ther Saturday for a fantastic dinner. Marigold is famous for its plethora of amuses bouche you get throughout the meal. I think it was a total of ten. The quality and inventiveness of the amuses bouche and the ordered plates was great. I had the autumn garden, with various autumn veggies, a little coconut foam, some quinoa and nut crunch. Second was the mixed greens salad with gingerbread croutons and an interesting slivered goat cheese. The sweetbreads appetizer was good. The striped bass was a little salty on its own but perfect mixed with the sauces and beluga lentils. The confit portion of the duck dish was dissappointing, but the rest was good. The chocolate dessert had about six different things, including the lightest chocolate mousse and a mint white chocolate ribbon. My husband enjoyed the bay leaf creme brulee but was jealous of the chocolate dessert. My favorite of the amuses bouche was the cloth bound cheddar crouton, crusty on the outside that burst into molton cheddar in your mouth. My husband's favorite was the fois gras mini sandwiches on a crisp sweet cracker. Thank you.