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Why go to Manhattan?

roxlet | | Nov 6, 2008 05:34 AM

After our dinner at Tarry Lodge on Sunday, my husband and I started talking about eating in Manhattan vs eating in Westchester and the general suburbs surrounding us. Our last "notable" mean in the city was at Del Posto, which was a huge and very expensive disappointment. Tarry Lodge, while certainly a different type of restaurant, was better in terms of the meal we had there. Here we also have Haiku, Spadaro, Rosie's Bistro, a fairly long list of interesting and authentic Mexican and South American restaurants in Port Chester and environs, and Siwanoy, a club where we are members and which serves a steak (The Governor) that is equivalent, if not better, than many of the steak houses we've eaten at in NYC. Plus the fact that we love to cook and have a wealth of opportunity to try any kind of exotic cuisine that catches our fancy by making it in our own home. Driving into Manhattan, getting stuck in traffic, looking for a parking spot or paying $40 for parking, and then paying a huge amount for a disappointing dinner seems less and less worth it these day. Of course, there are places in the city that I would love to try, but sometimes the effort seems less than worth it when you tally it all up. Until we moved to the burbs 11 years ago, I had lived my entire life in NYC and was dragged kicking a screaming out of Manhattan. Now, I am happy I am here and I find that as the opportunities for interesting meals locally have increased, my desire to return to familiar ground has decreased.

Do you local CHers feel similarly?

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