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A new Malaysian on Lafayette

Jeremy Osner | | Mar 15, 1999 12:42 PM

Had lunch today at New Indonesia & Malaysia Restaurant,
on Lafayette and Kenmare (1/2 block south of Spring)
-- it is a branch of the restaurant of the same name on
Doyers St. It just opened in December; previously the
space was occupied by a non-interesting Chinese
restaurant called Kar Wa. (I always wanted to graffiti
an "sh" after the name.)

It is nice to have a Malaysian this close to my job;
previously I have been going down to Nyong Nya on Canal
St, or the place on Mott and Broome. We had a very good
meal -- started off with very good roti canai; I ate
Ota-ota, the Malaysian version of gefilte fish -- it is
long balls of chopped fish and onion, broiled wrapped
in banana leaves. Very tasty -- the sauce that came
with it was mild and sweet, but on request the waitress
brought a hot sauce that packed a moderate punch. On
the side, a salad of pickled carrots and zucchini and
onions. My only complaint was with the rice, which was
served luke warm and not tender -- both of the other
places I mentioned serve much better, more flavorful
rice. Ellen had noodle soup with shrimp and chicken,
which rocked.