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Madrid, March, 8 days


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Madrid, March, 8 days

brescd01 | | Aug 10, 2008 08:25 AM

We all have our particular tastes: mine is for rustic over refined, local over international, honest over precious. I would not mind spending money on grand meals if they made me happy, but overwhelmingly when I eat at the grand restaurants I long for the simpler local favorite. I hate restaurants frequented by tourists, which I know seems somewhat self-hating, but my experience is that tourists = bad food. With that preamble, let me ask the board where I should eat in Madrid in March.

I have divided the restaurants into seafood, meat, tapas and other. Amongst seafood places I would like to dine at the local favorites that are not too expensive. I am quite sure these will be good enough for my peasant tastes, with the Spaniard's emphasis on ingrediants that I have read so much about. So El Combarro is out:

El Telégrafo
La Taberna del Puerto
El Gran Barril (a chain?)
Casa Rafa

Do any of these places fill the bill?

In the second category, meat. Any of these places recommended?:

Casa Julián

Next, tapas. This is hard I know, people tend to recommend areas rather than specific places. I have scanned Chowhound and eGullet for recs. I have to add, we are not going to be drinking more than one glass of wine if that, and I am very unlkely to want to go to several places in an evening. We are probaly going to bed early and not keeping Spanish hours. Finally, we will probably spend a disproportionate time in the Prado and at Salamanca, because we both love window shopping and art. Can anyone propose a few starting points or some classic recs? Two I found were:

El Tempranillo
Txirimiri, General Díaz Porlier 91 914014345

Finally, other. These are some varied recs I have written down:

Chocolatería San Ginés, Pasadizo San Ginés 5 913656546
Taberna de la Daniela, General Pardinas 21 915752329
Casa Lucio, Cava Baja 35 913658217
Maceiras, Huertas 66 914295818
El Ventorrillo Murciano, Tres Peces 20 915288309