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Lunch @ Stork on the Roof


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Lunch @ Stork on the Roof

Sierramum | | Nov 28, 2003 03:57 PM

This continues the thread further down the list about whether Stork on the Roof was open for lunch or not. I believe it is open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday. Today, my two coworkers and I went and all I have to say is AWESOME! The specials of the day were half a cornish hen, arctic char in phyllo, and something else involving veal. They sounded yummy, but my two coworkers opted for the spaghetinni and I ordered the potato encrusted filet of salmon. It wasn't a long wait for the food at all, and we had a plate of crusty bread slices with butter to tide us over until then. The spaghettini was swimming in nicely spiced vegetables, I'm considering ordering that dish the next time I go. But the filet of salmon totally rocked: it was nicely moist, in a perfectly cooked potato crust, on top of some braised bok choy (chinese cabbage), with strips of pickled cucumbers. There was also a faintly curry tinged sauce on the side which enhanced the salmon perfectly. I tell you, I cleaned my plate but walking back to the office, I didn't feel as if I'd stuffed myself or anything. Price wise, the cost of the lunch wasn't exactly fast food dollars but still reasonable for what you got. You'd easily spend as much or more at any of the nearby sushi places. Bonus: I really liked their coffee! Only sucky thing was that I couldn't have a glass of wine but that only gives me incentive to go there for dinner sometime and order a whole bottle!