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bluesontap | | Oct 13, 2006 02:08 PM

I made a flying trip to Louisville the other day and wanted to eat somewhere different for lunch. Did a little research and found a place I'd never even heard of-- Flabby's Schnitzelburg. Flabby's opened in 1952 and is a corner bar and restaurant in the Germantown section of Louisville. From 65, take Eastern Pkwy east, take Burnett Ave, go 3 miles, at flashing light take right onto Hickory, go two blocks. You'll see it on the corner of Hickory and Lydia. This is an old, working-class German neighborhood in a very German town. Flabby's sign is an old Falls City Beer sign-- a local tradition. I was delighted to find that they had both the regular Warsteiner as well as the dunkel on tap. I had two regulars. I quickly noticed that they serve a dish that, I believe, is unique to Louisville-- a Rolled Oyster. This is ONE OYSTER rolled in enough batter to make it the size of a small baking potato and deep fried. Served with cocktail sauce. Delicious. Hadn't had one in years. For lunch, I ordered the schnitzel (of course)with hunter sauce and was told to pick a side and an appetizer to go with it. I chose German potato salad (warm and with just the right amount of vinegar) and the Limburger and Braunschweiger (sp?) which was a few slices of each on wheat bread triangles with thinly sliced onion and hot German mustard on the side. Fantastic! My lunch arrived and I was surprised (Delighted!) to find that it already came with two sides-- red cabbage and half-dollar size potato pancakes with a dollop of apple sauce. A daunting task lay before me and it took two pulls of Warsteiner to get the job done. By God, I was up to it! Every bite was delicious. Whoever was in the back knew what he/she was doing. As I often do in a new restaurant find, I smiled at my good fortune and swore to return.
I was told by the bartender that I would be wise to come back on a weekend for their famous fried chicken (Deep fried; I asked.).
This is only a few minutes off of 65. Go!

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