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Help! How long do you cook a really large roast?


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Help! How long do you cook a really large roast?

CathleenH | Dec 24, 2010 05:05 AM

Major challenge this year. I have to serve Christmas dinner out of one sister's impossible kitchen -- It has an ancient, tiny oven and two working burners.

I'm making porchettas. I have two 10 lb. rolled pork shoulders crammed into one roasting pan. Amazingly, they do not touch. There's about an inch between them.

I researched cooking times last night, and they were alarming. My understanding is that Porchetta should be cooked pretty low and slow to a pretty high internal temperature. Research suggested that, at 325, this could take 10-12 hours for a 20 lb. roast.

This leaves me with questions -- Will my non-touching roasts behave like one 20 lb. roast, or two 10-lb. roasts, or something in between? Would I be better off separating them and taking them to the house of sister-with-two-ovens and running back and fourth all day to tend to them? The rest of the dinner is fully prepped, so I don't necessarily want to sit around sister-one-oven's kitchen for 12 hours on Christmas.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some 11th hour advice on Christmas Eve...

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