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First Look at Locke Obers


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First Look at Locke Obers

9lives | | Nov 22, 2001 10:05 AM

I stopped in for a drink at the newly reopened Locke Obers..recently refurbished by Lydia Shire from Biba. For those that were worried that massive changes to the decor were happening, you can rest easy. The interior is substantially identical to the old Lockes..sort of like polishing a tarnished old piece of bring out the natural beauty. Just beautiful. One change is the bartender...she comes from Mistral and shows a little more cleavage than the traditional "old man" bartenders from Lockes.

The menu is done using the same format as the original Lockes..same 1 page,same paper, printing and items also very similar..including the steak tartare (hoping she sticks to Lockes recipe, which I enjoy much more than Bibas) staying much closer to traditional fine dining than Bibas.

It will be interesting to see if Lockes becomes a "hot nightspot" like Bibas...having Mantra and Limbo around the corner. Having eaten at Bibas for many years, I'm sure the food will be great..I'll be writing about that soon.