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Les Premices


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Les Premices

Laidback | | Oct 18, 2013 04:03 AM

Last night Ms. L. And I dined for the 4th time since their opening and continue to be pleased with this little pocket of gentility surrounded as it is on Rue Rodier by sleazy little tattoo shops and Asian massage parlors. The chef/owner, M. Weill, is classically trained, polite, speaks excellent English and is far from one dimensional, e.g., he was formerly a V.P. At Morgan Stanley.

Les Premices is not the place for boisterous fun trying to keep your chatty neighbor's elbow out of your ribs while keeping count of orgasms, so if you are looking for a Chez l'Ami Jean genre this is not it. What it is, is a comfortable, attractive place with well dressed tables, no elevator music or excessive noise, which serves choice provisions skillfully prepared. M. Weill is also a wine connoisseur and his wine list reflects this.

When we have been for lunch there was a very reasonable menu about €24-25 but this trip was for a romantic dinner to celebrate 44 years of connubial bliss and everything was à la carte and excellent. I see why it is in John Talbott's top ten.

As Truman's most famous firee was quoted "I shall return".

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