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Le Madeleine a great pre-theater choice


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Le Madeleine a great pre-theater choice

jmsvss | | Sep 4, 2007 11:35 AM

We were staying with friends in Jersey and took the ferry over from Weehawken. With the extra time built into our schedule in case there were crowds we arrived at Le Madeleine 30 minutes prior to our reservation. It was no problem and we were seated immediately - this turned out to be a very good thing. We decided on wine by the glass. We planned on three courses (I liked the menu but was not crazy about the pre-theater prix fixe offerings) I planned on three wines with each course and attempted to order them when we placed the order but our waiter asked me not to because he was afraid he would forget. Our table first ordered the cold califlower soup. The soup was very good. I had the cava with this and it was a nice choice. The second course was the salmon tartare, quail salad, tomato salad and goat cheese salad. Mine was the goat cheese salad and I had the rose wine that also went well with the goat cheese. I tasted all of the apps except the quail. The goat cheese was definitely the best choice in my opinion. At this point the restaurant was PACKED. I am so glad we arrived when we did.

For our entrees two people ordered the scallops, one ordered the duck and I had the fish special which was almond encrusted snapper on potatoe puree. With this i had the Melon wine. I had never had this before. It was one of their artisanal wine and was very good.

Overall it was a very, very good experience. Arriving early made all the difference I think. Our play started at 8pm and we would have had a very difficult time if we had started at 6pm. Service was excellent, especially considering the crowd they had by 6:15. The prices were very reasonable - I can certainly recommend this place - and thanks to everyone who helped.

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