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Le Cirque and prix fixe?


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Le Cirque and prix fixe?

sis2catbat | | Aug 6, 2008 12:20 PM

Mom, sis, and I are making our first trip to NYC at the end of this month for a play Mom's been dying to see. We'll be staying at a hotel close to Time's Square, and we're staying for the week (M-F). Mom wants to go all out for one of our evening's meals and left me to choose a restaurant, which in and of itself can be a daunting task, considering I wouldn't know my way around Manhattan if my life depended on it. I chose LeCirque for the big meal out mainly because I know of their rep and they're more or less a NY institution. I've tried to glean some recent opinions on the board about LeCirque, but there's been nothing much posted recently. Anyone been there lately and wish to share their experience?

Also -- and I know this is going to sound awful rube of me -- but could someone explain prix fixe to me? For instance, LeCirque has a three- and four-course prix fixe menu, and one option for the four-course is wine parings for each course. I'm guessing each member of my table choose their own items from each course, but I don't want to assume and then be wrong and embarrass myself and my family. Any other light you could shed on this method of ordering would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.