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onionbreath | | Jan 10, 2011 04:01 PM

I could give you guys a very long review of a less than stellar meal, but out of fairness I will be gentle.
The ambience and decor are terrific, but the menu was pedestrian and boring. There was a choice of six mains and one ( a rotisserie Guinea Fowl) was unavailable. We were 4 and it was difficult to find a really interesting dish. The service was distracted and very inattentive. Wines suggested by the Sommelier were great value and interesting.

The level of pretension is off the map. They seem to believe that they are at the centre of culinary sophistication. They have a meat locker with aged beef on display but the only beef dish on the menu was a beef wellington featuring approximately 2 ounces of filet.

We were 4 and service was so sketchy that I suggested not tipping at all. My tablemates were against the idea so I reluctantly left a tip. I regret that because how else can the message that service was inadequate be delivered.

All in all the food was about 25% over priced and served without any joy or love. Leave this place to the tourists and go to restaurants that care about their guests.

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