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Lake Tahoe in January?


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Lake Tahoe in January?

Gypsy Boy | | Aug 29, 2007 05:13 AM

We'll be flying to Lake Tahoe in January (okay, Reno, and renting a car); it's a surprise anniversary present for the Lovely Dining Companion. (Who else would take his wife from winter in Chicago to winter somewhere else?) Our last visit there was far too brief (one night) and the dinner we had (Le Petit Pier), while pleasant-ish, was not something I want to repeat. I've done my research (such as it is) and can't seem to settle on a place. We're staying in King's Beach but we'll have a car, so we can go a ways. (That said, having just driven in from Reno in the pm, I'm not eager for a long drive.)

The reviews I've seen tend to name the same (relatively small) list of places over and over, which is both helpful and not. Thus, I gather that my short list should include the Big Water Grill, Le Bistro, Frederick's, and perhaps Plumpjack's. Opinion seems more divided on Lone Eagle. (River Ranch, while well spoken of, doesn't sound like LDC.) My problem is that few of the discussions have talked much about food and service of particular meals; they've been more like "recommended" lists. Why should we go to Big Water Grill and not Le Bistro (or vice versa or something else)?

To the extent it helps define special for the purposes of this request, price is more or less irrelevant; I'm thinking upscale, on the quieter side. No specific preference as to cuisine which is less critical than the quality--both food and service. So...where should we go on a nice (hopefully) snowy evening in mid-January?

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