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So I tried out La Hacienda Mexicana in Tampa, on Sheldon...


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So I tried out La Hacienda Mexicana in Tampa, on Sheldon...

deet13 | | Apr 5, 2011 06:07 PM

The food wasn't spectacular, but I have no complaints; the service was prompt, and the restaurant itself was clean.

Trip 1 The Tamale Deluxe, and the 2 for 1 Margaritas.

I went on a Monday afternoon. The waitress was nice, and she quickly seated me. I had my menu and drink within five minutes of being seated, and food within another 15 minutes. Solid service.

While there I ordered the Tamales Deluxe. For those of you who don't know, the Tamales Deluxe is a couple of tamales which are topped with a couple of flautas, which are then buried under a serving of nachos...

It's a pretty excessive plate of food, but it wasn't too bad. So it got doggy-bagged for later eating. I didn't get to see how the margaritas were made, but I suspect the bartender used a pre-made mix. The margaritas were pretty bleh...

Overall the food was ok, but the drinks were bleh.

Trip 2 The Grande Burrito Maravilla, w/Tecates

We went on a Saturday afternoon. The service was spot on. My wife and I were serenaded by a couple of mariachi singers who were good performers (etiquette question; how much should one tip the singers?)

The burrito was pretty big, and not too bad. Though much to the wifes chagrin, I wasn't good for much after eating it, except for finishing my two cans of brew and taking a long siesta afterward.

Trip 3 The Speddy Gonzales plate w/refried beans, and some Pacificos...

Went during lunch rush. I was quickly seated and served. The food was regrettably bland, but the beer made up for it.

Overall, the prices and the service are solid, but the food is so-so. It's someplace good to take your less culinary adventurous friends for a quick bite to eat.

I'd eat there again, mainly due to the price and service.

La Hacienda Mexicana
5537 Sheldon Rd, Tampa, FL 33615