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Kyoto - Shoraian Report


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Kyoto - Shoraian Report

The Cookbook Addict | | Sep 12, 2012 01:06 PM

As other have written, this tofu restaurant in Arashiyama (about 1/2 hour from central Kyoto) specializes in tofu. It is located in the mountains, a bit hidden in the woods. It is a bit of a schlep to get to, especially if you go to the sights first and then try to approach from the mountain side. (It is easier to get to if you exit the train station and cross the bridge, and then follow the river directly there). The restaurant is gorgeous, very scenic, and the food was lovely. Some of our favorite dishes:

homemade tofu served simply with salt
yuba and corn tempura
tofu hotpot
steak with sautéed scallions
unbelievable tofu ice cream

The ladies who served us were very nice, although the male proprietor had a little bit of a vibe when we came in, not sure he likes having tourists dine there. If you are going to Arashiyama I would definitely recommend.


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