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Kosher Italian Cookies: Bon Appetito


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Kosher Italian Cookies: Bon Appetito

tractarian | Jan 27, 2014 12:08 PM

I saw these cookies in a non-Jewish owned grocery store in my neighborhood, and had never seen them before. The OU directory lists this on their website as a certified product. A google search shows the company was previously under the Tablet K supervision/ parve (


I'm impressed that this available, albeit in a non-Jewish hood, and this brand even has Pat Yisrael in Hebrew letters on the box. They apparently make black and white cookies, too.

I saw other parve Italian cookies from Fairway once, that had a Kof K. Can't remember the name, though.

This seems like a promising alternative to Stern's and whatnot.

My preferred source for parve Italian cookies is still Scotto's, since they're the most authentic.

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