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KING OF DUCK in Shanghai


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KING OF DUCK in Shanghai

theskyflyer | | Mar 29, 2011 05:01 PM

I just arrived in Shanghai last night and was taken by friends to what considered the best Peking Duck restaurant. My heart sank when the cab stopped in front of KING OF DUCK (Duck King?), as I went there last year and had a very underwhelming experience. Well, this time I can confirm that this is an awful restaurant. We had beef with black pepper (rubbery beef and thick bland gravy), some kind of shoe-string potato(?) vegetable, clay-pot bean curd and worst of all, Peking Duck. Unlike in Guandjuze (sp) or Dadong in Beijing, the duck was prepared differently. Usually top of the skin is sliced off very thinly and presented with a small dab of sugar. Not here. The skin was sliced off rather thickly, placed on the table with nothing. Then a small plate of thinly sliced duck meat came with a small plate of mixed meat/skin. The garnish for the pancake is only scallion and hoisin sauce, no sliced cucumber. It was awful.

That food and amateurish service (waiter threw a bunch of table clothes to Manager, Manager screaming at waiters, a female waiter kept dropping things and a busbuy who perhaps deliberately made so much noise when putting bowls into a cabinet behind us) makes this restaurant a miss. Never again! This ought to be called KING OF YUCK instead.

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