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One of a Kind Pasta | Aug 25, 2009 07:10 PM

just got back from dinner at One of a Kind Pasta, 746 Queen W, and, yes, the reviews on this site say that the food is good and price is right. agreed. the food was pretty good and the price was also pretty good. however, the service was terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE. here's what went down.

sat down at 7.45pm on a tuesday night. it was busy, noticeably busy, and informed the server that we could see she was swamped. no big deal. as time went on, the place cleared out so that there was only myself and my dining partner and a couple of other tables in the restaurant, with the occasional take-away customer coming in to pick up their order. our order was taken about 15 minutes after we sat down, our drink orders minutes later. i ordered the avocado and shrimp salad, my partner the california salad to start. 8.15pm, our salads still hadn't arrived. at 8.25 our salads finally showed up and we noticed that two dudes that had been seated after us and ordered after us were already through their starter salads and were working on their main dishes. another couple behind us, also seated after us and ordering after us, were already working on their main course. 8.45pm. excuse me, i said to the server, i'm sorry but are our meals ready yet? we've been here for an hour, those gentlemen there were seated after us, have eaten their meals, payed and are leaving, and that couple behind us arrived after us and are almost done their meals. let me go check in the kitchen, was her reply. it was clear that we were not the only people not happy with the service. a man who'd been sitting by himself for about 20 minutes, menu in hand, eventually got up and left because he was being ignored, and another man, clearly agitated, got up from his table, briskly walked back to the kitchen area, grabbed the water jug and refilled his and his dining partner's glasses. the server quickly came out from her hiding spot in the back and took the water jug off of his table and put it back in the kitchen. also, a third couple started demanding to know where their bread was, and the man wanted to know why he had to wait for the server to get him ground pepper and grated cheese for his meal that had arrived 15 minutes earlier.

anyways, the service was without question some of the worst i've experienced in toronto. so bad, in fact, that it prompted me to register here so that i could share with others. and about the food, it was ok. nothing to write home about it. the starter salads we're fine, and for mains i had the penne calamari (penne pasta with grilled calamari in a cream sauce) and my dining partner had the basil linguine special. this special was supposed to come with baby clams, smoked salmon, shittake mushrooms, lobster and tomato sauce. my partner asked for no smoked salmon and it showed up with no salmon and also no baby clams. both were good and well priced ($77 with food/drinks/tax/tip), but i will not be returning to this restaurant anytime soon, and even then it won't be until i've read multiple reviews about its new, glowing service.

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