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Kauai, Maui and Hawaii food report


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Kauai, Maui and Hawaii food report

gyppielou | | May 4, 2010 02:31 PM

Aloha, just realized I never posted a report from my journey. We did a lot of home cooking too.
Hamurai Saiman - our first time and loved it, and loved the frozen pie we bought to safely
thaw on the way home.
Pono Market - true Aloha spirit, had to stop in and pick up a small container of chicken to try
Keoki's - a great shared fish and chips at the bar
Mediteranian Gourmet - best mai tai
Bouchon - a pathetic shadow of what it once was
Hanalei Dolphin - fantastic fish market, great takeout rolls and ono salad for back at the ranch.
never interested in what seemed a tired restaurant but the new sushi bar with some of the old
staff from Sushi Blues/Bouchon certainly delivers.
Oly Cafe - excellent special request order of ban/blue/mac pancakes with dismal bacon and
Baracuda - great meal and service - a fish, a shortrib and a special request dessert which was
gelato escorted by fresh berries was very gracious and delicious and I'm afraid may have
inspired other diners to request the same.
Foodland - really great spicy ahi poke!

Farmers Markets in Hanalei - oh the pines, the meyer lemons, the greens, the chocolate
dipped bananas, the lilikoi goat cheese!!! Only disappointment was the new chocolate
farm. Way overpriced for a mediocre bar of chili chocolate. I respect what they're trying to
do. I got to do the Tuesday market twice and think I prefer it to the Saturday one.

Tropical Dreams - yup, he's a character and the ice cream delivers.
but no way am I shelling out that extortian price for a pedestrian bar.

Regrets; we really felt nothing at the St.Regis to call us there. We were hoping to have a couple of meals there, but were not thrilled with the changes. Tahiti Nui - the food looks better then in the past and the place is still rocking and worth a visit, be it Hawaiian music early or alternative music later on. The daughter opened a tapas wine bar next door and I regret running out of time before patronizing and supporting her endeavors. I still mourn the loss of jean marie J and regret we hadn't time our trip to his new place. Hope it meets the memories of his original place in Kapaa

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