Jenn Aire Induction cooktop


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Jenn Aire Induction cooktop

sueatmo | | May 25, 2013 02:34 PM

We know that we need to replace our old glass cooktop. The previous owner did not care for it properly, and it looks awful. I don't know how to clean it better than it is, and it isn't clean as it is.

We have a Dacor motorized exhaust fan; it moves up and down, and it works well. It needs to stay. Our cooktop options are pretty clear: buy a replacement glass cooktop, have a gas line run from an existing gas line and install a new gas cooktop or install an induction cooktop.

Buying induction, or a gas cooktop which would include having a gas line run, are roughly comparable, apparently. But I would have to replace almost 1/2 of my present cookware. Ouch!

We understand from an appliance sales person, at an appliance store, that the Jenn Aire induction (30 inch) is running at a good price right now. He likes that model because of its ability to shut down in case of an imminent boilover. (Apparently, boil over is a problem with induction?)

I am really tempted to buy induction. But I am leery of buying Jenn Aire, which I am told is being designed and marketed to be the top of the line at Whirlpool. But I've never run into anyone who liked a Jenn Aire anything!

Any one have a Jenn Aire induction cooktop or stove?

Any one ever regretted getting induction instead of gas?

And, did you find that replacing your cook ware was sort of exciting?

Thanks guys.