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Japanese knife steels-WTF


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Japanese knife steels-WTF

Delucacheesemonger | | Aug 13, 2013 09:54 AM

Have decided to add a few Japanese knives to my knife collection and am baffled by the descriptions of 61 carbon steel, white steel, blue steel with tungsten, etc. The knives l use now are primarily relatively soft carbon steel and l love them as they are easy to sharpen. My current Japanese knives purchased at the two Masamoto stores in Tsukiji, l have sharpened at Korin in New York.
These will be used sparingly and most definitely not professionally thus would like a brief explanation of the differences in the steels involved and suggestions in which to get.
As of now l plan on a sujihiki or a yanagiba at 300 mm or 330 mm.
This is primarily directed at Cowboyardee,Chemicalkinetics, Knifesavers, and Kaleokahu but all are welcome
Thanks for your help.