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Jamaica Trip report (Negril, South Coast)


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Jamaica Trip report (Negril, South Coast)

tartlet | | Dec 13, 2006 09:08 PM

Just got back from a 1 week trip to Jamaica. We ate amazing food!In Negril, I found that the best food is definitely found on the cliffs.
The Rockhouse had the best lobster I have ever had, as well as excellent appetizers and drinks. The setting is spectacular at night. My only complains is that it feels like a restaurant you'd find in the US, in the sense that it is super organized and a bit impersonal, without that jamaican "je ne sais quoi" that I love. LTU pub is a bit higher up on the cliffs, and I absolutely loved the food and atmosphere. I had a delicious grilled grilled snapper, as well as an excellent breakfast one day. The atmosphere is very chill, and Maxine, the waitress, was a hoot. We also went to the Hungry Lion, where we had a delicious lobster dinner (but not as delicious as the Rockhouse). The atmosphere is very nice, quite sophisticated. On the beach, we ate at Cosmo's which was fine. I had aa good curried conch dish, Jerked chicken was so-so. Definitely not as much fun as the restaurants on the cliffs, but acceptable. We also ate one night at Charela's which is a Jamaican-style fancy restaurant. I thought it was a bit weird and kind of overpriced. My lobster pasta was bland with just a few piced of overcooked lobster... I would recommend skipping this one!

The South Coast: we stayed at Jake's in Treasure Beach, and ate several meals at the restaurant. The food is good, but not spectacular. The drinks, however are amazing. It's a lovely place if you're in the area. An Absolute MUST if you can get there is Little Ochie in Alligator Pond. Now that is a real Chowhound paradise! It doesn't look like much, but you get to choose your freshly caught fish or lobster, and they prepare it for you in whatever way you like. We had jerked Kingfish that was sublime. I'm not kidding, it was probably the most delicious fish I've ever had, and the whole experience was a lot of fun. It's really worth going a little out of your way for good food!

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