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JaBistro- wow

prima | | Nov 7, 2012 08:58 PM

Had a fantastic dinner at JaBistro tonight.

The menu is currently a "soft opening" menu, and the grand opening should be in December.

We shared:
the snack of the night- squid balls and fried blue fin
JaBistro roll (snow crab, salmon, tobiko, uni, with the uni blowtorched before being served)
7 pieces sushi combo (salmon roe/fish liver pate, horsemackerel, sea bream, shrimp, toro, urchin, one other fish, and a bonus slice of tomago)
the "Caesar"- a spinach salad with battered shrimp, tomato, egg
a special request, off the menu order of miso soup (which turned out to be the most nuanced miso I've tasted in TO)
pear compote with ice cream & jelly

Best sushi and Japanese seafood I've had in TO in years, and very similar, if not equal quality to Sushi Kaji. Just to be clear, I haven't been to Kaji in years. I liked this meal a little more than my more expensive feast at Kaji, probably because I had a little more control over the order.

Service was attentive and friendly. Our meal came to just over a hundred dollars, including taxes, not including drinks, not including tip.

We'll definitely be back to try more on the menu.

Online reservations are possible through their website.