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Not Italian, but need Italian help


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Not Italian, but need Italian help

whinendine | | Jan 17, 2012 06:48 PM

I have an obsession that comes up every few years, but lately every few months. I keep thinking about a food item I call “pasta pie”. It all started in 1990/1991 when a small group of us worked together to create an Italian food and wine dinner. We used several recipes from magazines. One keeps coming up in my mind. I think it was raviolis (or some wrapped pasta) which was placed between sheets of pasta in a springform pan – kind of like a lasagna, but the layers in the middle consisted of the wrapped pasta. Then it is baked and you slice it like a pie. You see wonderful layers. Someone lost/threw away that magazine and I’ve been thinking about it since I got back to the states. We lived overseas for about 12 years.

Also, during that time, I had a co-worker that brought something similar in his lunch. Apparently, his mother-in-law made this.

Anyway, I can’t find the recipe or anything similar. At one time, I found out that the different layers may represent every year Jesus was alive, but, lately, if I look at torta pasqualina it has eggs.

Can someone set me straight? What are these “pasta pies” called? Do you have a recommended recipe? I would like to try to do one again soon (maybe for Easter) and try to get over using my time searching the World Wide Web!

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