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ISO Dried Shrimp Roe

crowdingthepan | | Oct 15, 2011 06:59 AM

After several failed attempts, and around a dozen so-so efforts, I've finally got my Hong Kong style egg noodle recipe dialed in. The flour/egg/water/sodium carbonate ratios are right, I've got a kneading system worked out, and I'm employing a stopwatch for a perfect cook time. But, one of the dishes I'd like to use these noodles for is the simple dry style noodles with broth on the side and a dusting of dried shrimp roe. I've got a simple and pretty good broth, but I can't seem to find the shrimp eggs anywhere. I've tried Cmart, and the place on Oxford street, but no luck. Places like HK eatery be getting them somewhere. Any ideas??