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iphone ads load slowly


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iphone ads load slowly

thimes | | Jun 25, 2014 08:48 AM

This may just be me, and I'm not sure if there is a code fix for it.

Anyone else have a problem when using the site on the iphone when the top banner ad loads?

It seems to load last and causes all my text to shift down - so when I go to press a link, I end up pressing the wrong link because the text has shifted down. Usually this ends up with me accidentally pressing one of the sort buttons, or I end up pressing the board link of the post above instead of the actual thread link I wanted.

But recently CH has been loading much larger ads in the top banner (3-4x the length of the normal banner ads) and now I end up linking out to an ad, which is annoying. I'm sure its doing wonders for CH's click through ad revenue but wow is that annoying.

Can't you code a fixed size for that ad area that loads with the rest of the page so that everything doesn't shift down when the ad finally loads?

Just curious.