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Incanto's Sheep Neck

toddanthonydirect | | Jun 16, 2008 03:40 PM

I sent to Incanto the other night with my wife and kids and had a pretty bad experience. The waiter looked put-out by having "kids" there and us not ordering much wine. Maybe he was just having a bad day. Maybe his girlfriend/boyfriend just dumped him. Maybe he just stubbed his toe on the oven. I don't really care. He was a wanker.

I ordered the sheep neck and had high hopes for a nice rich satisfying meal. The thing was DISGUSTING. Absolutely nasty. They seem to have a thing at Incanto about putting odd cuts on the menu. They are part of this "eat the whole animal" movement. I don't think our taste buds are thusly prepared for that experience here in America. The first bite of Neck contained a fairly large tendon that I thought I might be able to chew through. Nope. Had to ptewie it out into my napkin. The meat was grisley and the skin was (explative here) gross.

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