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Inase Report

MVNYC | | Jan 28, 2011 06:30 PM

Had another great meal at the sushi bar at Inase tonight.

Started with shiokara because theirs is good and I love it. Goes great with beer.

Ordered the sushi special set. Was served in pairs of two all with their own tare

Fluke & Fluke Fin---Very fresh and the fluke fin was nice and crunchy

Sayori w ginger & Aji with thinly sliced red onion--Amazingly good

Ama-ebi & Kohada-- The ama ebi from Maine was very fresh and a good solid kohada.

O-toro & soy marinated Maguro--Both stellar, the maguro had an amazing texture

Uni & Ikura--Uni from San Diego was top quality, the Ikura was marinated in house and good but it isn't the season.

Bonus piece Kazunoko (herring roe)--I had has this only once before many years ago. Amazingly good, the konbu really came through in the piece and I had to order another.

Afterwards I was served the fried sayori skeleton and head along with some tamago. I love this, so i was in heaven

Negi Toro roll--Usually this is a scraps roll of the toro but there were good chunks of the fish in it.

A wonderful meal that I would recommend to all on the UES. Just make sure they know you prefer Japanese style sushi.

1586 1st Ave, New York, NY 10028

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