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Ideas, Suggestions and Constructive Criticism

Morton the Mousse | | Jun 27, 2006 02:04 AM

I was going to post this on the "things I don't like..." thread, but I really do like the new site so it didn't seem right. The team has done a great job and worked so hard that I think a more positive thread title is appropriate.

The "new" symbol is fantastic! A couple of things to consider doing with it:

-List what poster(s) posted the last new post(s).
-Let the user click on the "new" icon to automatically go to the newest post.
-Change the "new" symbol so that it stands out more.

The profiles page is a great addition, but:
-As you've probably noticed, the term "unnecessary" (as in longest road trip) seems contrary to the concept of this site.
-Might be nice to see who a user is tracking, because if I'm tracking someone there's a good chance I'm interested in who they're tracking.
-(And now I'm quibbling) can you change the word "restaurants" in top 5 restaurants? Lots of great chow destinations are not technically restaurants.

I love the "bumping" feature for resurrecting old threads, but I worry that new threads might get buried too soon. With only 20 threads per page, it's really easy to have a lot of bumps on an active board and new tips, reports and queries are rapidly relegated to the second, third or fourth page. I don't really have a solution for this other than posting more threads per page or dividing the page into "new" threads and "bumped" threads. I worry that new users may get frustrated and turned off if their posts immediately disappear from the main page. I know bumping works for a lot of boards, but there are few boards as dynamic as Chowhound.

Really, these are mostly quibbles. You've done a great job and, if anything, the new format is even more addictive. What matters are the people and I'm thrilled to see many of my old favorites still posting.