What's you ICE choice for your cooler


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What's you ICE choice for your cooler

chefwong | | Jul 23, 2014 01:50 PM

It's the time of the year. Hot weather, cooler for transports. Vacations, long drives. Cooler for the food, etc.

Any of ya'll using the Marine *gel packs* that hunters, fisherman use.

I'm more of a freeze water in bottle / ice bag sort of guy.

I did try those fancy Marine ice packs. Returned them...$160 in fancy ice packs go a LONG way in bagged ice. Then again, there is a difference in a dry cold cooler versus a wet ice cubed cooler...

I don't like any of the blue ice packs on the market. They swell when frozen, and it bulges the plastic. The last thing I want to do is clean up the freezer when one of those decide to POP after having the plastic stretched one too many times

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