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Husk VS. McCrady's (FIG's a done deal)


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Husk VS. McCrady's (FIG's a done deal)

berriehappie | | Aug 13, 2013 12:06 PM

Hi hounds! Longtime Charleston lurker, first-time poster. Fulfilling a travel wish by heading to Charleston for our anniversary at the end of October. Lodging's set (Vendue), as are some spots to hit up for post-dinner drinks (Gin Joint, Stars, Closed for Business, etc.) Already set for Halls brunch Sunday, and will probably wander the farmers' market for something to eat Saturday.

So my question - we've got space for two dinners Friday and Saturday evenings. Definitely want to hit up FIG, that's a given. As for the other night: Husk or McCrady's? If it were my call, I'd head to McCrady's for sure- but hubby's not a huge fan of the molecular gastronomy/"fancypants" (as he calls it :)) dining experience. But I've seen mixed reviews lately for Husk. Thoughts? Is McCrady's overly "fancypants?"

The other sub-questions: we could swing lunch at Husk possibly Friday late afternoon or Saturday - but is that an absurd amount of food for one day? (Although... it IS vacation.)

Would appreciate any input! Thanks so much.

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