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Homemade Hummus Help

bcrall | Mar 8, 2007 05:33 PM

I know hummus has been discussed ad nauseum on this board over the last few months, in fact that's what inspired me to try to whip up a batch this afternoon.

I soaked the beans overnight, boiled them until quite soft, and then rubbed between my palms in a bowl of water to remove some of the skins. I blended the heck out of it with some of the cooking water and lemon juice, then seasoned with tahini, garlic, salt, and just a pinch of cumin. Didn't follow a recipe, just to taste.

It tasted great, just how I like my hummus. The consistency was a little thin, but I figured when it cooled off it would thicken up a bit.

It has been in the fridge, and it does seem to be thickening a bit, but I just had some with crackers and it seems really bland. Blander than I remember it tasting a few hours ago. My imagination? Sensitive taste buds? Or does hummus "mellow" as it rest or something?

I thought perhaps it might have less flavor by virtue of being cold, but it isn't even really that cold yet, just cool.

Any tips or explanations welcome, I guess I can go season it up some more, but I'm sort of mystified as I've never encountered this kind of thing before.

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