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Holiday Baking: Make ahead/freeze egg white-based cake?


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Home Cooking Eggs Cakes Make Ahead

Holiday Baking: Make ahead/freeze egg white-based cake?

kimberlyfla | | Dec 18, 2008 08:18 AM

Last Christmas we were guests in my sister-in-law's home for Christmas dinner, so I brought dessert: the "Layered Fruitcake with Creme Fraiche Frosting" from Martha Stewart Living. This cake was *fabulous* and I'd really love to make it again this year. However... this year my in-laws will be coming to stay with us, and we'll have other invited guests in on Christmas Day, so I won't have all day to bake & frost this cake like I did last year. It is a little time-consuming, as to make the full 6 layers for the beautiful & dramatic presentation shown in the photo (and how could I be satisfied with anything less?), the recipe indicates that you have to make the batter twice & bake 3 layers at a time. The recipe is made with lots of whipped egg whites and almond flour (almost no wheat flour), and I'm assuming that's the reason why you can't simply double the recipe, because if you did the weight of the batter would cause the egg whites to collapse...(?) Don't know, just a guess. Anyway, the only way I can figure that i can handle doing this cake for Christmas Dinner (as well as handling presents, guests, dinner, and multiple champagne cocktails), would be to bake the cake layers a couple of days ahead of time. Whipping up the frosting & assembling on the 25th would be no problem. The recipe says they can be baked ahead and refrigerated OVERNIGHT, but I'm going to need to keep them at least two "overnights" This is the only cake recipe I have ever made consisting of mainly whipped egg whites, and I have no idea how it would hold up in the fridge for several days, or even in the freezer--? What do you think?

Here's a link to the recipe:

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