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Best Hero Rolls in NYC?


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Best Hero Rolls in NYC?

Jonny Pops | | Jun 7, 2010 08:10 AM

In our dearly beloved neighbor city of Philadelphia, I've come to realize that the sandwich culture is so well developed your average guy on the street will not only know which are the best shops to find a cheesesteak or hoagie, but also what bakeries those shops purchase their rolls from. Bakeries such as Sarcone's or Amoroso's have even developed their businesses outside of the Philly area based on the loyalty and reputations they developed servicing some of the best cheesesteak places you will find anywhere.

My questions is:

What are the best bakeries to get hero rolls from NYC?

I know our sandwich culture isn't as pronounced as Philly's, but we still have some very good bread up here. So who makes the best rolls for Heros (as we call them here) in the NYC area?

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