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Helmand (Thanks!)

JohnnyP | | Oct 12, 2001 01:48 PM

The wife and I went to *Helmand* last night and, I'm here to report that everything was truly wonderful.

I also wanted to thank the board for suggestions and encouragement to try this place.

About the food,

After all the hype on this board about the *Helmand* pumpkin appetizer (Kaddo), I was truly expecting some degree of "let down."

No such thing happened.

The pumpkin at *Heland* is so delicious, my wife was practically in tears.

The entrees we ordered were a Spinach & Lamb dish, which was warm, tender, and delicious.... and....
the "Kofta Kabob" which is a generous serving of the tastiest ground beef imaginable!

The food (and wine) prices are very reasonable and the ambiance is very comfortable.

We had a wonderful time and look forward to going back.

Thanks again for the tips !


There is an article about *Helmand* and its two owners in the current 'North Beach' neighborhood paper.

Coincidentally, we were on our way to the restaurant (walking) when we just happened upon the article (front page).