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Guatemala: Local chain restaurants


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Guatemala: Local chain restaurants

rworange | | Jun 10, 2010 05:22 PM

My main post covering all of Guatemala is getting long so I'm starting a new post here. The local Guatemalan chain section of that long topic starts here

Why cover chains?

1. Some of them aren't bad.
2. It bugs me when I go someplace and find out after the fact it is a chain

Yes, yes, I know ... it doesn't matter if it is delicious, but still I prefer single-owner restaurants giving the food some local love.

Pop's Ice Cream, for example, had the look of a small place, but they are so extensive they even have ads at the local movie theatre ... a pretty funny ad though.

Places I've tried as of this post

La Estacia Steak House
Ok, but been there, tried it. Unlikely I'll go back. Not a bad one-time choice ... stick to the beef

Good ice cream, especially the gunaba. The restaurants are ok-ish ... better than Denny's but not as good as Cheesecake Factory ... American coffee shop and Gautemalan dishes

I love this vendor. I'm pretty sure they are natural popsicles. The strawberry yogurt and the mixed fruit in yogurt are the best. The mora (local Gautemalan blackberry) is pretty fabulous. I plan to try all the flavors. Don't chose to have them dipped in the chocolate. It is pretty meh.

La Nevaria
Ice cream shop similar to Sarita which I currently prefer. However, I've only been here once and a friend highly recommends the strawberry.

Cafe San Lucas
The local version of Peet's or Starbuck's ... but without the flavor. I am not a fan of mild roast Guatemalan coffee.

La Taqueria
No, no ... a thousand times no ... a dozen combinations of tortillas, cheese and three steam table meats. Whatever you do, don't get the pastor. Better you should starve than eat here