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grocery store strategy [moved from L.A. board]


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grocery store strategy [moved from L.A. board]

Julia | | May 15, 2002 08:28 PM

I was wondering if anyone had insight concerning grocery shopping and budgetary concerns.

I have been doing most of my shopping at Albertson's, with occasional trips to Trader Joe's and the Fish King(in Glendale). I once went to a Food4Less (Sunset and Western) and was thinking about poking into a Smart and Final.

My husband and I live in an average one bedroom apartment, no garage space, no balcony, so space issues influence my buying in bulk. I have started to cook (much!) more and I have a real interest in buying good, affordable ingrediants.

Would a CostCo membership be worth it? Do two people need to buy 5,000 trashbags at a time? Neither one of us are big drinkers, if the liquor deals make the club membership desirable, then maybe its not for me.

Thanks for any advice.

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