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Grocery Outlet July 2008


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Markets & Stores San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet July 2008

gordon wing | | Jul 1, 2008 05:19 PM

At the San Pablo GO - they still have a few bags of the White Lilly Flour along with :
Mi-Del Lemon Snaps for 69 cents a bag ......
Miss Vicki's Potato Chips - medium bag for $1.29 - cheese flavor and also buttermilk(ranch?)
Asstd Chocolate Bars for 99 cents : Lindt - Orange w/ milk choc. and Hazlenut w/milk chocolate ...... Ghiradelli Bar with 60% cocoa or something like that ......and some other lesser known brands ....
Jams/Preserves : Bonne Maman (French) cherry preserves - $1.99
also Smith ( Canadian ) fruit preserves that are pretty good for $1.99
Anna's Swedish cookies - thins. Coffee and lemon flavors ....
Dairy - Challenge Heavy Whipping Cream - Quart size for $1.99 - good deal. check the date .....
Cheeses - Sonoma Jack - Blue Jack slices. Cabot - 8oz Horseradish Cheddar for $1.79 and Racer's Edge Sharp Cheddar - 8oz for $1.99 - Cabot cheddars are generally pretty good.
Ice Cream - Pints of Haagen Daas Triple Chocolate for $1.49
Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry -- unfolded ..... 8 sheets for $12 or $13.?

Fancy Schmancy Yoghurt - Rachel's Wickedly Delicious. No Artificial Growth Hormones ( I like the real stuff myself!) "Blissfully Blended" " Luscious blended yogurt inspired by the planet's most alluring fruits and flavors" - Mango/Pineapple/Passion Fruit. "Blissfully blended mood-inspiring yogurt. The essence of scrumptious satisfaction" - Vanilla Chai flavor. You get the idea ........ it's like if the folks who run Cafe Gratitude made yogurt....
Happy Hunting .......