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Greater Roseville hidden treasures???


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Greater Roseville hidden treasures???

WarmBeer | | May 10, 2012 01:01 PM

Roseville is a neighborhood of North Newark, but for purposes of this post I'll define it as the area bordered by I-280, GSParkway, Branch Brook Park and Bloomfield Avenue. I live nearby and every time I drive down Bloomfield I wonder about all the little restaurants and BBQ joints along the way. Recently I've started exploring a few and plan to use this thread to review a couple. Today I had to pick up some hardware from Kaslander's lumber yard and decided to try the little Dominican sandwich shop across the street (La Fritanga-not on Google maps yet).
For $7.50 I got a very tasteful chimichurri (Dominican burger), and good size order of Tostones and an imported soda. The soda was labled Merengue and after a discussion with the server, who could not give me a Gringo equivalent for the flavor but assured me I should try it, I found it to be very similar to a cream soda.
The sandwich had very fresh ingredients including cabbage and tomatoes and a sauce along with a frozen burger patty (I know it was frozen as they received a delivery while i was there, which included several boxes of patties).
The Tostones were delicious, lightly salted with a crisp exterior but not overcooked. They retained the flavor of the plantains and made me think of them as a substitute for french fries, a connection I had not made previously.
For the price this was a very good deal for the metro NY area. I was pleased.

So wondering if anyone else has visited places in this area that they can recommend, or warn me off?