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Great non-pork sausage, cured meats?


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Great non-pork sausage, cured meats?

fame da lupo | Jun 14, 2011 05:53 AM

Having married a non-pork eater, and I myself being a fanatic of all things salumi and embutido, I'm curious what are the better (or best) non-pork sausages or cured meats you've run across. I know sausage doesn't have to be pork, neither does cured meats (e.g. bresaola in Italy), but it is hard to find great sausage etc that isn't pork.

I don't consider the chicken/turkey sausages to be particularly good, though they come through in a pinch. Beef sausage is too lean, doesn't have that unctuous fatty quality pork sausage does, and thus comes across a bit heavy-handed (I'm thinking the beef kielbasas and the like). Maybe I should be looking for lamb sausages, like merguez, but I have never seen it available in grocery stores in the US (maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?).

Well, anyhow, I'm sure other pork-lovers are in my position due to marital constraints, so any help at all from you guys would be great!

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