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Great Gateau Basque recipe?


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Great Gateau Basque recipe?

mia_wallace | | Aug 31, 2008 08:54 PM

It's my father's 70th birthday on Wednesday, so I thought I would try and make him Gateau Basque, a dessert he loves but hasn't had in years and years.

Does anyone have a very good recipe for this? I'd prefer a recipe for the pastry cream version without the cherries (there's two traditional types). If anything, I would prefer to have a black cherry compote instead of actually bake the gateau with preserved cherries inside.

This is the best looking recipe I could find: http://chefsgonewild.blogspot.com/200...

It seems very good, but just wanted to see if anyone had a recipe for this that they loved. Also, any tips for making this cake would be great as well, I've never done it!


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