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Good Neighborhood Mexican

Mike Kilgore | | May 16, 2001 10:39 AM

Just wanted to suggest one of my familes favorite Mexican places on the Westside, Tia Juana on Olympic Blvd., one block W of Barrinton, (just past the Ralph's Market), on the N side of the street. They have the best soft taco's that I have found on the Westside. I am really fond of their barbacoa taco's and their carnitas are also usually really good, (although once in a while they can be a little on the dry side). The plate comes with two, but I usually always order a third. My wife and son both like their hard shell tacos, which are outstanding too. I also happen to think that their margaritas on the rocks are excellent. These are very much like home made margaritas. I have tried and liked their calamari steak quite a lot as well. It has a nice garlic butter sauce and comes with grilled veggies and rice instead of refried beans. I have tried their burritos, which I do not recommend. We usually just get the rice and beans with the meals. Nothing great but good. The meals come with a choice of soup or salad, pretty basic. They make their own fresh tortillas, (thick type), in the front room where you come in. All the waiters are really nice guy's.