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A good gin and tonic


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A good gin and tonic

steve h. | | Jul 21, 2011 03:12 PM

A good gin and tonic can be a very good thing as temps test three digits.

Deb dragged me to Whole Foods awhile back. My single purchase was a bottle of tonic water: Q Tonic to be precise. They claim to use purified water, organic agave, natural bitters (whatever that means), handpicked quinine and lemon juice extract. The wine-shaped bottle's content was mildly effervescent when I unscrewed the cap.

I piled ice into a pint glass, added two jiggers of Tanqueray Gin then filled with the Q. I added a squirt of fresh lime.

It was a good gin and tonic. Pity I was out of Bombay. Maybe next time.