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Are you giving a restaurant a fair review?


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Are you giving a restaurant a fair review?

nientefar | Jun 10, 2008 03:08 PM

Is it fair to go in to a restaurant with expectation based on reviews and then either not be impressed or worse yet, be disappointed? Are you being completely objective and non-partial or is your judgment somehow affected by your expectations.

Is it the same thing as watching a preview of a movie and then rating the actual movie as so-so because you already knew of the good parts from the trailer?

While I do not subscribe to my friends theory that, "if you lower your expectation, you will never be disappointed", I am interested in hearing thoughts from fellow chowhounds.

Is there a strategy that some of you are using which helps you in not getting caught up in the hype or rave reviews of a place and merely enjoying the place for what it is when you go out?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanx.

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