Gefilte Sushi or Shouldn't She?


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Gefilte Sushi or Shouldn't She?

Stephanie Herman | | Sep 10, 2001 10:11 PM

Does anyone know how much salt to add to gefilte fish mixture (based on per pound of ground fish)? My mom's determined to make gefilte fish for rosh hashona. However, every year she has the same question, how can one season 'to taste' and not run the risk of sushi-style parasites. Usually, she doesn't 'taste' and errs on the side of a little bland (luckily, she successfuly remedies this by adding more salt to the broth--which the fish somehow uptakes by a mysterious alchemical process overnight).

If anyone has a method for making sure the fish broth that the gefiltes simmer in JELLS once cooled, that would be appreciated too.