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Gazala's Place

nira56 | | Mar 6, 2011 02:00 PM

My friends and I came into the city last night from Jersey and went to Ganala's place last night ( 78 and Columbus) . It was reccomended by a friend who said this Druze restaurant was worth the trip. Sadly, we didn' think so. First of all, there was nothing about the decor that suggested that this was an ethnic restaurant of any kind. It was plain and boring and the chairs were unconfortable. Two college students were playing jazz like music that 1) had nothing to do with the atmosphere of a Druze or arabic restaurant. and 2) It was terrible and annoying. The service was the worst I have ever experienced at a restaurant. We were ignored most of the night by our server and when we asked another server for something, he shook his head yes and then proceded to ignore us. Although the prices were quite reasonable, the portions of the appetizers were very very small. Hummus was served in a tiny bowl usually reserved for serving olives, which by the way wasn't offered. An order of Kibbi consisted of 3 kibbi only, and the salads were tasteless We kept ordering and ordering more appetizers because we were a party of six and were hungry, which added to the bill....
The main dishes were spotty. My wife's chicken was very spicy but the stuffed zucchini was very good actually. The lamb shanks were also OK. We kept asking for more pita bread and the waiters were quite reluctant to willingly bring us more. as if it was treated with gold.......I love the idea of NYC having a good Druze restaurant. I have been to the middle east and have eaten in Druze villages and restaurants. This was not authentic Druze food, the decor was not Druze decor and the hospitality was not Druze hospitality. I am not a professional, but if the owner of the restaurant would like my help, I would gladly do so free of charge.....I think , with some philosophical menu changes ( ie.. portion sizes and menu choices), and with some money spent on decor, this place could be a gold mine
Anyone else agree or disagree?

380 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

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