fuyu persimmon from seed?


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fuyu persimmon from seed?

pinstripeprincess | Feb 9, 2010 06:31 AM

a batch of persimmons i got in chinatown had about 4 seeds each (usually mine are seedless) and since i thought i'd try my hand at gardening this year, why not give persimmons a go?

from what i read most suggested that they required stratification to get going. some people had window sill dried with good growth success and all offered that a thorough soaking for a few weeks is what was needed to get them going. well i've got a handful in the fridge, a handful dried out, and a handful in a continuously replenished cup for water and guess what... sprouting already! perhaps chinese persimmons are keen on warm weather and don't need stratification vs northern US ones?

i haven't tried to sprout the dried or the cold ones yet... i'll probably do that this week. i think it only took about 2 weeks to get something poking out of the seeds and after that it was fairly rapid growth if i kept them buried in wet soil a good couple of inches.

does anyone have any experience or thoughts on growing fruit trees of this type? i generally have a black thumb, so this is very exciting. i believe i can't expect it to fruit for a good 5 years and considering the awful temps of toronto i'll be keeping it potted to bring it in during the winters.

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