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fukurou izakaya revisited-Japanese.


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fukurou izakaya revisited-Japanese.

foodlovergeneral | | Jul 26, 2013 11:51 AM

Saw a discussion including this Izakaya. I found their food interesting and unique and of very high quality.
1. Miso Soup: Consisted of genuine katsuo bushi based dashi and two types of miso-a red and a white. Very good quality. They used pre-shaved katsuo which is still a lot better than using a cheap instant. Excellent quality.
2. Salmon/rice/salmon roe combination: execllent quaity rice-not sure which brand but comparable to Tamaki gold. Excellent quality with distinct and separate firmness and good texture. Clean tasting salmon. Very clean tasting roe.
3. Chicken "nanban" with tartar sauce. The tartar sauces was great; tasted like a home made mayonaise based sauce with actual eggs cut into it, though I don't know for sure. The fried chicken was amazing-juicy and crisp edged with just the right about of flavoring. I would put their fried chicken ahead of Hatties near Saratoga (best in state) and way ahead of momofukus.
4 Avacado tofu; amazing and rich tetured tofu with an almost overwhelming but exciting quality. The soyu was excellent for dipping and the wasabi seemed to be a mixture of horseradish with some real wasabi pieces (typical of better places who don't use just the powered stuff). The real estuff only comes at the most expensive restaurants.
5. Tempura: amazingly well done with a sense of clean perfection comparable with good tempura in Japan.
6 Waiter-pretty bad. Spoke with Indian accent. The chefs only seemed to speak Japanese. I don't speak much, but we had a good time. All were very willing and hepful. One waitress was very nice.
7. Tea; offered bottled tea. Finally was able to get some Houjicha. So-so.
8. Notes; there seemed to be two other tables with Japanese patrons here. Can be a good sign.
9. Price; a bit high for what seemed to be a kind of studenty west village neighborhood. Nonetheless. probably well worth the price.
Great Izakaya "comfort food". I would take this place over Sagakura which has lost it's "soul" over the years.