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Frozen Plums -- What Have I Done!?


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Frozen Plums -- What Have I Done!?

Zach Georgopoulos | Jul 30, 2002 11:46 PM

My father has a lot of fruit trees. Just as he left for a two month vacation, his yellow/golden plums started ripening -- fast! Since I have limited time on the weekends to go down to his place while he's gone, I decided last weekend to pick the whole lot, lest they just start falling off the tree and going bad. I figured I'd bring some fresh ones to friends and co-workers, and make preserves out of the rest. Of course, by the end of the day, I was exhausted just from picking, and I knew I couldn't get back to the plums until next weekend. Not really thinking the problem though, I put my buckets of plums in the empty freezer in my Dad's garage, figuring I'd just be able to let them slowly defrost later. Not so, I have just learned! I came by the house to water plants tonight, and decided to take a handful of plums out of the freezer -- they looked great, and were frozen rock hard. Half hour later, they are brown and mushy -- they look rotten though they were fresh just minutes ago!

Have I ruined my crop of plums (about 50 or 60 pounds of them), or is there some hope? Any help greatly appreciated!

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