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Fresno Report.........Great Chow!!


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Fresno Report.........Great Chow!!

mary c | | Oct 15, 2006 04:43 PM

Just returned from my "Chow Tour" to Fresno. I thought I covered all the bases, until I returned home and saw the posting from Polar Bear regarding the Holy Trinity Armenian Church Food Bazaar......I'm sick I missed that. Anyway, thanks to all of the great suggestions we hit the following spots. Loved the beerocks at the The Beerock Shop; brought back a dozen and a dozen of their chicken pies. In the same shopping center at Bullard and West, is Hye Market. A small Armenian Market with a nice selection of sausages and Armenian food products. I brought back stuffed grape leaves and a pan of frozen soubereg. I LOVED La Boulangerie in Fig Garden Village. Brought back a beautiful assortment of their pastries. We had dinner at Parma, which was highly recommended. We enjoyed the food very much, but there were a couple of things that happened that bugged me. First of all, we arrived on time for our 5:30pm reservation and the door was locked. After waiting a bit, we walked around the shopping center and returned at 5:45pm as someone was unlocking the door. The place filled up instantly and there was a whole lotta hugging and kissing going on by the owner(nice blonde lady). It was obvious that the place was filled with "regulars" and since we weren't, I felt very unpopular. The bottle of white wine we ordered was served HOT. My husband mentioned it to the server who said that the wine would "chill in the ice bucket." Not a big deal, but annoying, because the wine never was thoroughly chilled and was lukewarm throughout dinner. The food was delicious, but the over-the-top fawning of the regular customers by the owner was comical. Dinner the next night at the Limelight was really wonderful. We had the prime rib and rib eye steak, which were both outstanding. The entire evening was perfect; great service, great drinks and fabulous food in a setting that brought back many memories. Our last stop was in Bakersfield for a Basque lunch at Wool Growers. That place never changes and does such a good job.
We really enjoyed our brief visit to Fresno and were reassured that the Chow scene is alive and well in Fresno. Thank You Fresno hounds!!